Directors and Coaching Staff


'Little Green Chant'

"Jump'n Jive, Man Alive

The Green Machine

Has Just Arrived!

UH! (clap, clap)

UH Huh! (clap, clap)"

Founder - Director
Jerry McGinn 53 yrs

Asst. Director
Ron Peery 43 yrs

Head Coach
Carl Peery 29 yrs

Asst Head Coach
Anita Smith 29 yrs

Asst Coaches
Randy and Jacki Sanks 30 yrs

Team Nurse
Jennifer Middlekauf

Teddy Bears
Amy and Todd Jensen 18 yrs

Rainbows (Group 1)
Darin and Marge Mueller 18 yrs

Hammers (Group 2)
Scott Peery 12 yrs

Butterflies (Group 3)
Mary Finnell 22 yrs

Diamonds (Group 4)
Kristin Sanford

Hearts (Group 5)
Amie Harris 22 yrs

Keys (Group 6)
Scott and Candy Coffman 14 yrs

Rings (Group 7)
Julie Aksamit 10 years

Triangles (Group 8)
Mark and Jackie Noble

Circles (Group 9)
Robert Sanford 23 yrs

Stars (Group 10)
Suman and Devon Vallabhai 18 yrs

Shamrocks (Group 11)
Jennifer Fotinos & Deidre Garrett 18 yrs








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